Hamza Deyaf, Entrepreneur


Hamza Deyaf
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Hamza Deyaf

AGE: 35
QUALIFICATIONS: Founder and CEO of Multiple Product Based Companies, Bachelor's Degree in Business Management from University of Texas, World Athlete.
SKILLS: Leadership, Strategy, Communication, Motivation Speaking, Team Building, People Managment.
ATHLETICS: UT Austin Track and Field, World Athlete, All American.
INTERESTS: Inspiring and Motivating others, Business, Public Speaking, Self Growth


Entrepreneurship is a difficult undertaking. It requires drive, passion, stamina, vision and above all, pure grit. Hamza Deyaf is the epitome of these characteristics. Hamza Deyaf is an entrepreneur who sets impossible goals. When he reaches them, he sets new ones. He is never satisfied with the status quo. He does not settle. He sets the standard for growth not only for himself but for everyone in his sphere of influence.

As an All-American in the 400-meter hurdles, Hamza learned that obstacles are a part of the race and the journey. As a business mogul, he views each hurdle as an opportunity to learn and to create creative solutions for the client and the market at large. In the face of adversity, he does not falter. He rises to the challenge, and takes his team across the finish line with him.

Hamza has always been a visionary. Launching an emergency vehicle lighting company in a niche and saturated market was a great risk. However, he saw a need for an innovative product in an antiquated industry. He left his previous company and he has since dedicated all his energy to the growth and success of Feniex Industries. He launched the company with his blood, sweat, and tears. In 10 years, he has generated over $100 million dollars in total revenue. He set high goals with aggressive timelines and has yet to fail in meeting them.